Interview with Sovichet with Communication Arts

Our type director Sovichet Tep discussed his experiences forging a new path for Khmer type design in the interview with Communication Arts. He discussed how he discovered type design, the challenges in pursuing the career in Cambodia, as well as his mission to promote Khmer type design in Cambodia moving forward, describing his ambitions to set out to do just that.

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Both Bou will be BITS10 in Bangkok

Our creative director Both Bou will also be joining BITS as a panel speaker alongside Sovichet Tep, discussing “Learning Curve: Reconnecting Typography and Brand Identity Design in Cambodia'', where they will explore how oftentimes Cambodia’s visual designs have a disconnect between typography and brand identity, while sharing on how to improve visual identities moving forward to be more cohesive and effective. On top of this, our type director Sovichet Tep will also co-host a group panel discussion on “Grab Community: Custom Typeface as a Brand-Building Tool”. Both sessions will be hosted on 2nd November 2023. For more information, as well as ticket purchasing, Click here


Sovichet Tep will be at BITS10 in Bangkok

We are ecstatic that our type director Sovichet Tep is invited to be a speaker for two sessions at the BITS10, the first and only typographic and type design conference in Southeast Asia, currently in its tenth iteration which will be held in Bangkok. Throughout the conference, Sovichet will examine “Learning Curve: Reconnecting Typography and Brand Identity Design in Cambodia'', as well as a group panel discussion on “Grab Community: Custom Typeface as a Brand-Building Tool”, which will be also joined by Carina Teo, the Head of Creative at Grab; Tan Sueh Li of hrftype, the designer responsible for Grab Community Latin and Vietnamese. For more information, as well as ticket purchasing, Click here


Meet Our Strategy Director, Angkearith Mao, and His Top 5! 

"Top 5" is when the Anagata team shares a bit of who they are and their most loved, most obsessed, top 5 recommendations (often very cool things) on various things that they care about! This time around, let's meet Angkearith Mao, our Co-Founder and Strategy Director, who is a Certified Brand Strategist, a graphic designer, and a design lecturer. Since 2012, he has worked with clients from multiple industries such as Care International, Chavon Hospitality, and Toys&Me. Recently, he helped Forte and PlerngKob redefine their brands. Some stuff he loves includes The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (book), Notion, and WhatFont. To read more of the rest of his Top 5, and why he is obsessed with it, Click here


Both Bou at TypeLab Asia 

Cambodia has a young but growing design industry, and due to this, there is a lack of quality typefaces on the market that designers and brands can utilize. Our creative director Both Bou, talked about "Designing Brand Identities for Cambodia" at Typographics’ TypeLab Asia on Day 3. He will be showcasing our identity design projects from PlerngKob and Forte to display how he navigates around this issue through the use of typography and type design to bring better design sensibilities to the country.

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Design & Paper Talk 

Design & Paper talk is the first event of the new Anagata initiative, in collaboration with Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology, and Fedrigoni Paper. The objective was to help students and participants get a practical understanding of the working experience and in-depth knowledge from experts from various fields. Strategy director Angkearith Mao opened the session, followed by "Designing a Brand Identity" by our creative director Both Bou. Then, the marketing manager of Fedrigoni Paper SEA Mr. Kervin Ong Valero hosted “Art and Science of Paper Selection”, where he went through an introduction to paper’s history, how it is made, and how it is used in design and branding. Both presentations generated a lot of interest from the audience, and those who asked during the Q&A also received gifts from Fedrigoni Paper. The audience then also got the chance to look at Fedrigoni Paper's samples and make connections with other audience members.


Anagata Type ❤ I Love Typography 

As the leader in Khmer Typeface design in Cambodia, we strive to enrich and empower Khmer typeface design to the local community and the world by focusing on making legible typefaces, hosting workshops, and presenting at conferences all around the world. Until now, you can only get our typefaces by contacting us directly, and we feel we need to expand the accessibility of our typefaces to the world. We are ecstatic to announce our collaboration with ILT to bring this mission to the next level and as part of the partnership, we are also sharing three of our most popular Khmer typefaces including Niradei, Krasar, and Kanlong: totaling a combined 21 font styles and weight, with more on the way.

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Angkearith Mao on The Confusing World of Branding

Ask ten people to define “Brand” and you will get ten different answers; the word “brand” has recently become a buzzword thrown around by business owners, marketers, and designers alike, and its meaning has started to blur, like a game of telephone. Angkearith Mao, Anagata Design Co-Founder, and a Level C’s Certified Brand Strategist, is here to set the record straight, including why businesses need to define their own brand effectively.

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Anagata Featured in Issue #102 of Eye Magazine

We’re thrilled that we were featured in issue #102 of Eye Magazine for our talk at the Typographics 2021 Conferences on Typography & Type Design in Cambodia, by Sovichet Tep and Both Bou, two of our co-founders. Alongside our work on Carlberg’s Sans and Grab typefaces, our friends from Malaysia and Thailand were also featured for their sharing on typography and type design in their respective countries.


Both Bou and Sovichet Tep at Typographics 2021

If Khmer has the most letters in the world (Psst! It’s 74!), What do Cambodians think about typography? Sovichet Tep and Both Bou discussed this in Typography & Type Design in Cambodia for Typographics 2021.

Watch the talk here


The significance of good logos by Both Bou TEDxRUPP

Logos are one of the most significant insignificant things in the world. They are everywhere, but not all of them are well-designed. The interesting thing about these logos is that when they’re designed well, we often never notice them, they just seem to become a part of our life, but when they’re not, they stand out, and not for good reasons. Drawing upon his experiences, Both dives into the nitty-gritty details behind what makes a good logo and how good logos can have a powerful impact on our lives.

Watch the talk here


ATypl 2019

Back in 2019, our type director Sovichet Tep had the opportunity to talk at ATypl 2019 in Tokyo on 45 Days of Khmer Type, a project that aimed to promote Khmer type design, lettering, and calligraphy. In the first year alone, the project received 600+ submissions, from 20+ designers, with 5 different press releases. In the talk, Sovichet discussed the process of the project while detailing how this project is a wonderful addition to boosting the type of design community in Cambodia.

Watch the talk here

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